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Of course we try to keep our price as low as possible. € 296,50 start-up fee and a yearly contribution to keep the stem cells banked is substantial, but it is the best we can do. Isolating and banking stem cells is a complicated and time consuming process. It also involves an additional screening of the mother’s blood for the most common infections and HIV. Results from previous test cannot be used due to legal restrictions.

A courier will pick up the collection kit after birth. Regular mail is not allowed and not secure enough. The collection kit with the blood bag and consumables. The special dedicated lab with the special lab equipment for the isolation process and of course our lab staff. The isolation process itself and all regulations safeguarding due process. The controlled freezing process with again special equipment which includes the specially designed bag and aluminum cassette to endure the cryogenic conditions . The 24/7 controlled banking facility and last but not least the certification process and continuous visitation by authorities to keep our certification as an organ bank.

All-in prices

Our price covers all expenses, from the collection kit to the courier service and isolation procedure in our lab. You do not pay anything in advance and you will not be charged anything at all, if the stem cells are not successfully isolated and banked.

Cord blood banking

One time start up fee
Quarterly banking fee

€ 296,50
€   30,25

Afname, testen en opslag: € 296,50 (eenmalig)

Opslag per kwartaal:  € 30,25

Cord blood banking in combination with cord tissue banking. (Only in combination with cord blood banking)

Processing and controlled freezing
Quarterly banking fee

€ 100,00
€   12,00

Bewerking en voorbereiding opslag: € 100,00

Opslag per kwartaal:  € 12,00