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The stem cells are processed in the laboratory and stored for a long period at the Famicord Group facility in Switzerland. The material must be transported and processed on a ' next day delivery' basis. Processing of the material must be performed within 72 hours. Generally, it takes place within 48 after delivery.

The starting fee is € 495,- start-up costs and the annual costs to keep the material stored are € 135,- per year and will be charged to you quarterly. Storing stem cells is a complicated and expensive process and there is quite a bit involved. For example, the mother's blood is also tested for a number of infection parameters. Already available results may not be used by Famicord.

The costs include courier costs, the required collection set, the specially equipped laboratory, the laboratory staff, the highly specialised equipment, the isolation process itself (7 days a week) and the associated laws and regulations, the freezing process (the stem cells are packaged individually in a special aluminium cassette and kept frozen between -170 and -196 degrees). The 24/7 supervision of the storage and, of course, all requirements and legal obligations to obtain and maintain the recognition as an organ bank. Translated with (free version)

All-in prices

The prices indicated are all-inclusive prices, i.e. including collection set, transport, laboratory work, freezing and 24/7 controlled storage. You pay only afterwards, and only after successful storage. Thus, nothing needs to be paid in advance.

Cord blood banking

One time start up fee
Annual storage

€ 495,-
€ 135,- (quarterly € 33,75)

Afname, testen en opslag: €495,- (eenmalig)

Jaarlijkse opslag:  €135,- (per kwartaal €33,75)

Storage of stem cells from umbilical cord tissue

Processing and controlled freezing
Annual storage

€ 150,-
€   80,- (quarterly € 20,-)

Bewerking en voorbereiding opslag: € 150,-

Jaarlijkse opslag:  € 80,- (per kwartaal € 20,-)