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Private banking

Why is this unique opprtunity so important for your child?

First of all there is only one 100% match in the world. Stem cells are unique and no other living person has the same stem cells. If you look for unrelated donor cells finding a suitable (not perfect) match is a 1 in 55.000 chance and depending on your ancestry it can be 1 in a 1.000.000 or more. Even if you find the best possible match you will need medication to fight the graft-versus-host reaction. On average 40% of the donor recipients will die due to the graft-versus-host reaction. In case of an infusion of the body’s own stem cells that is not an issue.

It is very important to save these unique cells privatly. Donating cells is also important as the present generation did not have the chance to preserve stem cells and therefore the demand is high. Instead of donating your child”s own stem cells consider to enlist yourself as parent to the donor registry. Often the only thing needed is a sample of your saliva to establish your HLA (the code of your stem cells). You will then be entered in the International donor bank and when somebody needs stem cells that match your HLA you will be requested to donate your cells. For information

Naturally, there are costs associated with private storage (one-off €495 and then €135 per year). However, you keep the stem cells at your disposal. You only pay if your child's stem cells are successfully stored, otherwise you pay nothing.

Saving your child’s stem cells is easy and any medical professional or midwife save the cord blood using our collection kit both at home or in a hospital. Just inform your medical professional or midwife in time.

Donating Stem Cells

Giving away your child’s own stem cells is quite a decision. If you decide to donate the public bank will isolate the stem cells anonymously. It will also be HLA typed. The HLA typing will be entered in the International stem cell bank and if someone needs stem cells, her or his HLA typing will be entered into the system. If a match is found the stem cells can be released to the patients doctor.

When stem cells are donated they will no longer be available for your child. In the Netherland and Europe the possibility to donate cord blood derived stem cells is very limited (